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Geo Allies

Please use this discussion board forum to post/pose questions for each other, and/or for the GeoAllies PIs, so we can share experiences and otherwise group source problem-solving/trouble shooting. In terms of norms for this discussion board, we would appreciate it if the tone remains supportive, developmental, and professional. If you do have any questions or concerns specifically for the GeoAllies PIs, we hope that you will feel comfortable directing those to us specifically, so we can handle (and we will be actively on the lookout for these inquires). The discussion board is designed to generate a supportive community for our GeoAllies PIs, a way to share and disseminate resources, a place to troubleshoot or group source problem solving, and otherwise be an additional resource for everyone involved in the program. Thank you for your continued participation, and we look forward to continuing to find new and additional ways to support you all.